New Monitor Setup Guide 2015 Edition available!

Genelec Monitor Setup Guide 2015For over 35 years Genelec has been guided by a single idea - to make perfect active monitors that deliver neutral and accurate sound in every kind of acoustical environment.

Such a monitoring loudspeaker shall reveal the truth about the program being monitored. It shall not add anything to nor remove or mask anything contained in the program. The monitoring system shall be neutral in its reproduction, and the effects of its operating environment shall be minimized.

In our quest to improve all aspects of monitoring quality we continuously develop innovative solutions in driver technologies, electronic circuitry, signal processing, enclosure designs, and materials.

But that is not all. Since 1978 we have been providing the best possible customer support and trainings, either in the field or remotely.

This new and revised version of our Genelec Monitor Setup Guide covers some essential and fundamental knowledge in acoustic and electroacoustic as well as a set of practical guidelines to install and setup your monitors correctly.

Hope you will enjoy it and find it useful.