AV Install / Commercial products

The Genelec 4010A, 4020B, 4030B and 4040A are compact and powerful two-way active loudspeakers designed for indoor commercial and professional installations. All models contain an integrated amplification unit comprising an active electronic crossover, overload protection circuitry and two power amplifiers, one for each driver.

Designing the power amplifiers, active crossover, drivers and loudspeaker enclosure as one integrated unit presents a number of benefits:

• Excellent sound quality due to exact matching of the crossover, amplifiers and drivers.
• High sound pressure capability despite a small enclosure.
• Reliable overload protection circuitry for the amplifiers and drivers.
• Precise Room Response Controls for optimizing the loudspeaker's response to suit different acoustical environments.
• No need for external power amplifiers.
• Balanced 10 kOhm line level audio input with Phoenix connector for easy and interference-resistant cabling.
• Remote control power on/off by 12 V trigger voltage, model 4040A also by signal sensing Autostart.

The integrated support points for Omnimount mounting hardware on the enclosure back panel and a 3/8" UNC (M10 on the 4040A) threaded hole at the base of the enclosure provide versatile mounting options for all possible installations. A wide range of mounting options is available from your local Genelec dealer.