G Five Active Loudspeaker


Flagship of the G Series, the Genelec
G Five brings out such incredible performance that it can be compared to much larger loudspeakers.

Its bass reproduction goes lower than what most subwoofers can do, providing at the same time extremely high sound pressure with very low distortion. Thanks to its large waveguide the Genelec G Five reproduces all the nuances and dynamic of the audio material with incomparable fidelity.

As featured in all Genelec G Series, the G Five provides acoustical response adjustments to allow correct setup and acoustical calibration to the room it is placed in. The G Five can even be placed in acoustically challenging room and provide an amazing listening experience.
G Five
maximum sound pressure level 110 dB
frequency response 35 Hz - 21 kHz (-3 dB)
crossover frequency ± 2.5 dB (38 Hz - 20kHz)
crossover frequency 1.8 kHz
driver dimension Woofer 8 in + Tweeter 1 in, metal dome + DCW™
amplifier power Woofer 150 W + Tweeter 120 W
dimensions H 452 x W 286 x D 278 mm
17 13/16 x 11 1/4 x 10 15/16  in, with Iso-Pod™
weight 12.7 Kg / 28 lb
connectors 1 x RCA analogue in
1 x XLR analogue in
Genelec G Five
PDF documents

Genelec G Five preliminary leaflet

Preliminary leaflet

Operating Manual (G Three, G Four, G Five)

For high resolution photos please visit: flickr.com/genelec