Genelec Active Main Monitors

Genelec active main monitors are extremely powerful systems for medium to very large sized audio production environments. They are designed for flush mounted installations and can be used in vertical or horizontal orientations by just rotating the DCW™ waveguide unit.

Each Genelec tri-amplified main monitor consists of a large enclosure cabinet, a 19" equipment rack containing active electronic crossovers, three-channel power amplifiers, sophisticated protection and diagnostic circuitry. The only connections required are line level input signal and mains connection. Precise and versatile room response adjustments allow a perfect calibration of the system to varying acoustic conditions in all types of room environments.

All Genelec three-way systems feature a midrange driver designed and hand-made in the Genelec factory in Finland for more than 25 years. Developed since early 80's and continuously refined, the Genelec advanced Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) allows neutral sound reproduction as it provides smooth frequency response both on- and off-axis, lower driver distortion and increased driver efficiency. Particularly useful in acoustically compromised spaces, stereo and sound stage imaging are improved as the off-axis sound radiation is controlled. Directivity patterns are also matched between models, resulting in very similar sounding, neutral characteristics product range.

The 1034B is the optimal main monitor for medium sized control rooms or where limited depth is available for flush mounting installations. The dedicated 1034BC centre channel offers a slim solution, as space around the video monitor or the viewing window may not allow for the installation of a standard 1034B.

The flush mounted 1039A, the classic 1035B and the flagship 1036A are optimal for large control rooms where very wide bandwidth and high to extremely high SPL are required with lowest possible distortion.